A1: Poster Design (3 weeks)
In this project, each student will create a typographic announcement for an upcoming lecture.

Design issues:
• Information hierarchy
• Use of a grid
• Basic typography
• Information design with text and images
• Communicating informational and emotional content
• Sketching

A2: Kiosk Design (3 weeks)
In this project, each student will ....

Design issues:
• xx

Students will work in teams to observe a target population and context, and then rapidly ideate design concepts to solve for problems they identify. Then individually, each student will select a subset of these solutions to develop into concept storyboards. The team will conduct user research through the storyboards to choose the most novel and practical solution. The team will then create personas, moodboards, color schemes, and design language specs for a novel user experience. The final deliverable is a poster and slide deck designed for a tablet.

Design issues:
• Doing user research and synthesis
• Ideating and refining concepts
• Integrating sensors, displays, and other interactive technologies
• Sketching and storyboarding
• Conducting interviews 
• Cultivating empathy toward users and creating personas
• Creating a moodboard and color scheme
• Developing a design language
• Pitching ideas to others (clients, managers and developers)

For the final crit, create a large poster that explains the key challenge your team addresses and displays all final materials created throughout the process. Also, be ready to show your slide deck on a laptop or tablet device.