This schedule is subject to change

Week 1

Our focus in Week One is to introduce you to the basic practices of interaction design and the human centered design process that includes research, concept generation, prototyping, testing, and refinement. You will also form working teams for the remainder of the session, develop group rapport, and begin to explore the problem space of your session-long project.

Week 1 Readings (to do before Wed class)

Monday Aug 3

  • Lecture: Course introduction

  • Review course website and course logistics

  • Course communication tools (Slack, Zoom, etc.)

  • Lecture: Visual Organization

  • Intro A2: Splash Page

  • ALL: Sketching practice

  • GROUPS: Socializing (Meet your Peers)

Deliverables due by 11:59 pm Tuesday Aug 4th

Wednesday Aug 5

  • CRIT: Share A2 stage 2 iterations (black/white only)

  • Lecture: Image and Color

  • Intro A3: Mobile Information Systems (User Research)

    • Read design topics/briefs

    • Explore the problem space

  • Research Sprint Intro

  • TEAMS: Team Formation

    • Teams co-create social contract and choose tools/ times for collaboration

    • Start on secondary research

Deliverables due by 11:59pm on Sunday Aug 9th

Studio time:

  • Create A2 sketches to share / review

  • Create team folders

  • Figure out how you are going to work together as a team

  • Secondary research

Week 2

Our focus in Week Two is learning research methods, conducting research, developing understanding and empathy for your users by developing user personas.

Week 2 Readings (to do before Monday)

Monday Aug 10

  • ALL: Readings discussion

  • ALL: Review any open questions about A3

  • Lecture: Online User Research (questionnaires/interviews)

    • Intro to DQA tools (Dovetail)

  • TEAMS: meet in small groups to work on A3

    • Share secondary research

    • Questionnaire and Interview Guide design

Deliverables (Due by 11:59 pm Aug 11)

  • Questionnaire Form

  • Interview Guide

  • Readings

Week 2 Readings (for Wednesday)

Wednesday Aug 12

  • ALL: Reading discussions


    • Bring questionnaires and interview guides to share

    • Practice interviewing

  • Lectures: Personas

  • TEAMS: meet in small groups to work on A3

    • Persona Design

Deliverables due by 11:59pm on Friday April 24:

    • Refined Interview guides

    • Assumption Personas

    • Analysis Document

Studio time:

  • Refine interview guides

  • Conduct user research

  • Launch Questionnaires

  • Use Dovetail to analyze survey/ interviews

Week 3

Our focus in Week Three is defining the product vision with storyboards and prototyping: this is how we communicate how the application will function for the user.

Week 3 Readings (for Monday)

Monday Aug 17

  • ALL: Readings discussion

  • CRIT: Share personas

  • Lecture: Storyboarding and online feedback

  • TEAMS: Work session

    • Stage 1-4 analyses

    • Iterate on personas & design storyboards

Deliverables due by 11:59pm on Tuesday Aug 18:

  • Personas v.2

  • Storyboards

Week 3 Readings (to do by Wednesday)

Wednesday Aug 19

  • ALL: Readings discussion

  • CRIT: Share Storyboards

    • Within + Between team feedback

  • Lecture: Wireframing and paper prototyping

  • Intro A4: Mobile Information Systems (Prototyping)

  • TEAMS:

    • Prototyping: Use your final personas and storyboards to develop prototype (sketches)

Deliverables due by 11:59pm on Sunday Aug 23:

  • Final storyboards (design document/ slide deck)

  • Competitor Analysis

  • A3 User Research presentation slides (submit PDF on Canvas)

Studio Time

    • Competitor analysis

    • Synthesize findings

    • Prepare for research presentation

    • Practice/ record (optional) your presentation

Week 4

In Week Four we will be iterating on our prototypes! At this stage, user testing and feedback is crucial to refining the details of your user interface and interactions.

Monday Aug 24

  • CRIT: User Research presentations.

    • Present user research for peer feedback --> use to clarify product vision

  • GROUP: Concept Validation

    • Share draft of sketches /wireframes for peer feedback in breakout groups

  • TEAMS:Work session

    • Start creating lo-fi prototype

Deliverables due by 11:59pm on Tuesday Aug 25:

  • Sketches and Wireframes

Week 4 Readings (to do by Wednesday)

Wednesday Aug 26

  • ALL: Readings discussion

  • CRIT: Share lo-fi prototypes

    • BREAKOUTS: user testing on lo-fi prototypes

  • Lecture: Design Systems & Modile Screen Design

  • TEAMS: Work session

    • Mood boards & style guides

    • Start screen designs

    • Prep for online user testing

Deliverables due by 11:59pm on Sunday Aug 30:

  • Lo-fi prototype

  • Mood boards and style guides

Studio Time:

  • Practice prototyping in Figma

  • Work on Mood boards and style guides

Week 5

In Week Five you will make final preparations for your final deliverable prototype (this is the last version of your project we will be grading!) as well as your presentations. The presentation serve as your “final exam” for the course.

Monday Aug 31

  • CRIT: share moodboards and style guides

    • Within and between team feedback

  • Lecture: Guide to final presentation (content, structure, style)

  • TEAMS: work session

    • Finish moodboards and style guides

    • Create screen designs

    • Create hi-fi prototype

    • Prepare for online user testing

Deliverables (due by 11:59pm on Tuesday Sept 1)

  • Hi-Fi Prototype

Wednesday Sept 2

  • CRIT: Share hi-fi prototypes

    • Within and between team feedback

  • TEAMS: Work Session

    • Collect/Analyze user testing results

    • Refine Hi-Fi Prototype

    • Work on Final Presentation

Deliverables (due by 11:59pm on Thursday Sept 3)

  • User testing results

  • Final Presentation Slides

Studio time (Mon PM and Weds AM):

    • Collect/analyze user testing results

    • Refine hi-fi prototype

    • Work on final presentation

Finals Day

Final Presentations

  • Friday Sept 4th from 11:30-2:30.

Deliverables (due by 11:59pm on Monday Sept 7th)

  • A4 deliverables (submit PDF on Canvas)

  • A4 team peer evaluations